Sunday, 8 June 2014

Where can I buy toy safety eyes?

Trying to find suppliers of toy safety eyes is much hard than I ever imagined!  Especially when you're looking for 38-40mm eyes!   Yet you see all these new style toys for sale in the shops now with over sized eyes.   He's my new pattern Tiddles the turtle but as you can see he needs some enormous safety eyes.  Yet it's beyond me where I can source them.   Any help from any crafters would be greatly appreciated.

Update 9th June

Wahey!  It appears I have found the answer!  I've found every kind of safety eye imaginable over on $3.95 for a pair of eyes and although she's located in America (a long way from lovely Lancashire) postage was only $6.95 which I did not think was too bad at all.  Looking forward to receiving them!

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